Really! It’s Catalog Order Day!


Baltimore City (BBS)

What is the universe trying to tell us, neighbors? This is like the second day of National shopping. Today is National Catalog Order Day and we need to talk about that this morning. Honestly, is anyone actually ordering from catalogs these days? We ask because everything is literally online these days. Many of you can remember those mail delivery catalogs, rights. It was really a thing back then. For some dear residents it is still preferred today. Growing up, I remember seeing these catalogs stuffed in our mailbox or even on our door mats. I especially loved the toy catalogs that used to come to our house every Saturday morning. There are still a few circulating in schools, offices or organizations. Everyone probably remembers the popular cosmetic, skin care and perfume catalogs that our moms used to love. Today, many businesses use catalogs to order their office supplies. We like both because it depends on what you’re looking for. I remember years ago, a particular catalog that isn’t as trending as it used to be. It was the best ever because it had everything in it. Things you that you couldn’t have possibly thought of. Creative stuff for your home, garden and health. I wish I knew the name of it because I doubt if it’s still around. Hopefully, their around online. We’ve been searching high and low! Neighbors, what catalogs are you using and why? Please tell your community in our fabulous comment section below!

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