Pool Safety


Baltimore City(BBS)

It’s Labor Day Weekend and many residents will be out enjoying their last swim of the season. We have our fingers crossed for beautiful blue skies and plenty of bright sunshine. Remember to be safe and enjoy this holiday with your family and close love ones! We have a few tips to share today for your upcoming pool related festivities. Please know your swimming limitations. Always consider your health and age before making that splash. Consider swimming with a buddy or close friend this weekend. Pay attention to the weather to make sure there isn’t a thunderstorm approaching. Please party for us but do it sober if you plan on dipping in the pool. Please be aware of pool drains and let your guests know where they are located. Please be alert at all times for our little ones and make sure you know where they are. It’s a good idea to have an emergency plan in place just in case. Make sure that someone at you party knows CPR! Finally make sure that your pool has plenty of ample, bright lighting. Especially when the sunsets and also throughout the night. Don’t forget to share your wonderful, family moments in our comment section below. If you haven’t already, please subscribe below to receive your free newsletter updates. Be the first to know what’s trending in and around town!

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