Books and Conversation!


Books and Conversation

It’s a beautiful, sweet Saturday morning in and around town. There will be a lot of smiling faces at the dinner tables today. It’s  the perfect day to pull out your dessert recipes! Preferably your cookbooks for the chocolate lovers in your family. You can thank us later. Residents  in and around town are loving this national day and here’s why. It’s National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day! If you love to bake pies, surprise your love ones with this one today. Your neighbors are already baking theirs today and are planning to serve this delicious dessert after dinner. If you love chocolate and pecans, you can’t go wrong today. Even if you have to purchase it instead at your local bakery or supermarket. It’s trending so chances are that your friends are hoping that someone will bake this sweet pie today. Be creative and add your own ingredients today. Add fluffy whip cream or drizzle your favorite toppings over it. Stand out at the barbecue today and bring this to the hostess! Your neighbors will be amazed at how cool you are. Let them know that you like to keep up with the current local trends and they can to. Let them know that they can sign up for our free newsletters just like you and be one of the first to know what’s happening in town!

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