Do you have everything you need for your barbecue?


Baltimore City (BBS)

It’s the second day of our Labor Day Weekend and many of your neighbors will be firing up their grill for their holiday festivities. If you’re an early bird, you probably already bought everything that you need. We really want you to enjoy and treasure these moments with your dear love ones. So we made a list of items that everyone seems to forget when planning their family barbecues and get togethers. No one wants to have to excuse themselves to run out and search for these items. It’s happens and it is super messy and frustrating. Believe it or not but please make sure you hat there’s enough charcoal and lighter fluid to get the party started. Have plenty of napkins, paper towels and Reynolds wrap on deck. Please stock up on foam plates and cups. Also paper ones if there is a foam safety or health concern. Most neighbors like the economy bundles of cuttery. The forks and knives. Bags of ice, condiments and insect repellent or candles. If you missed any of these must haves, it’s safe to say that you owe Baltimore’s Best Stories for having your back in creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. We’re just kidding but it would be nice. We are your good neighbors for crying out loud, lol!

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